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22, July 2002
Audio Utility v1.0.00 RC1 is ready.
I really need your help! If you find a bug in any of my programs please contact me.

01, June 2002
Audio Utility v1.0.00 Beta is available for download.
I'm still looking for Beta Testers. If you miss some features please tell me about it.

09, May 2002
New version of CD Speed is now available ( it is still Alpha ).
Release version of Audio Utility is almost ready and now We're looking for Beta Testers.

23, April 2002
This site have moved to new hoster.
Forum is now available. Welcome!
Alpha version of CD Speed is now available.

18, April 2002

New version of LAME Codec have been released.

07, March 2002
AudioUtility v0.9 have been released.
22, February 2002
AudioUtility v0.8 have been released.
All dead links have been removed, but site is steel under construction.
02, February 2002
This site is opened. Some links are dead, but some are not ;-)


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