BofA's Audio Utility

Audio Utility is the multifunctional program consists of :

  1. Front-end for LAME ( and Ogg Vorbis © by Michael Smith ( LAME is one of the fastest high quality MP3 encoders and it provides a lot of advanced options. Ogg Vorbis is a new audio format, it's audio processing engine differs from MP3's. Vorbis have no advanced options, only basic parametres are ajustable, but it produces top quality audio files. LAME and Ogg Vorbis are Free and Open Source. But there is a little problem : both of them are the Multi-Platform Encoders so they come as command line utilities. This problem can be solved by Audio Utility - it provides GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) to help You.
  2. ID3 Tag Editor. ID3 tags stores different information about MP3 file such as Title, Artist, Album and so on. Audio Utility provides reading/writing ID3 Tags : ID3v1 and ID3v2.
  3. File Renamer. Not only renames files using Tag Data but also creates the directory structure ( using user mask )

Audio Utility v0.9 Screenshot ( click to enlarge )
Latest version :
Audio Utility v0.9 [07.03.2002]
Audio Utility v1.0.00 RC2 [06.02.2003]
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Version History :
Audio Utility v0.9 ( 07.03.2002 )
  ! Fully customizable File Queue Table
! When recompressing MP3 to MP3, ID3v1 tag is copied automatically
+ Added ID3 Tag Viewer ( ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags supported )
+ Almost all program preferences now can be saved
+ Added Volume Ajustment for output files
* Full Interface Revision
* New About window ;-)
- Fixed bug with moving files in queue up/down
- Fixed bug with disabling ID3v1 Tag
- Fixed bug with integer overflow when values in Audio Options are too high
- Fixed a number of other bugs
Audio Utility v0.8 ( 22.02.2002 )
  ! Added ID3v2 Tags support
* Advanced Preset Management
* Advanced ID3 Tags management
* Some code optimization
* Some interface upgrades
- Fixed bug with writing Tags in Ogg Vorbis files
- Fixed bug with saving presets
- Fixed some little bugs
Audio Utility v0.7 ( 31.01.2002 )
  ! Fully customizable interface
! Added Localization support
! Added Audio Presets support
* Increase program stability
Audio Utility v0.6 ( 07.01.2002 )
  + Added Audio Processing Options for LAME
+ Added Free Format MP3 Bitstream support
+ Added "ID3 Tag" for Ogg Vorbis support
- Resampling now work correctly
- Fixed some bugs
Audio Utility v0.5 ( 01.01.2002 )
  ! Added Ogg Vorbis Encoder support
! Added ID3v1 Tags support
+ Now Stop Button can stop processing immediately ;-)
* Full interface revision
* Advanced File Queue management
- Fixed a number of little bugs
Program was renamed from MP3 Utility to Audio Utility ( 01.01.2002 )
MP3 Utility v0.1 "Special For Ghost" Edition ( 31.12.2001 ) [ Internal Version ]
  + Added Status Information
* Can be run only by Ghost ( and possibly his friends )
* Some interface upgrades
- Fixed bug with Exit Confirimation if there are no files in list
- Fixed bug with Status Bar
- Fixed Estimated Time display bug
- Fixed Access Violation error on exit
MP3 Utility v0.1 ( 30.12.2001 )
  ! LAME Console Window was removed.
* Full interface revision
MP3 Utility v0.02 ( 19.12.2001 )
  + Added advanced Stop Button functions
* Some interface upgrades
- Fixed bug with compression in ABR mode
- Fixed "Can't Close" bug
- Fixed bug with garbage in File Table when resizing

MP3 Utility v0.01 ( 14.12.2001 )

  ! New version of LAME Encoder included
+ Added Min/Max Bitrate setting for ABR and VBR
+ Added Manual Algorythm Quality setting
- Fixed bug with switching from VBR to CBR
MP3 Utility v0.003 ( 26.11.2001 )
  + Added Stereo Mode option
+ Added Resampling option
+ Added Encoding Algorythm Quality option
+ Added CRC Error Protection option
+ Added support for Copy/Copyright flags
* Some interface upgrades
MP3 Utility v0.002 ( 09.11.2001 )
  + Added setting for LAME Encoder window
+ Added progress bar ( show only total progress )
+ Added "Stop Encoding" button
* Now You can change encoder settings for files that already in list
* Now You can select multiple files in list to Set Settings or Remove
- Fixed bug with incorrect VBR Quality
- Fixed "Can't Remove File" bug
MP3 Utility v0.001 ( 14.10.2001 ) - First Working Version


Created :   02.02.2002

Last Updated :   18.05.2003

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